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Nepal is located in a unique location in the world where Palearctic and oriental realms meet and hence a high number of species have been recorded so far. Total of 210,887 and 65, 00 species of mammals, birds, and flowering have been found. Some of them are globally threatened, and some are national. One-horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Wild Elephant are globally threatened mega species found in Terai Region whereas Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, and Musk Deer are threatened species of the Himalaya. Regular monitoring of these species, habitat ecology, and their various biological aspects, and relationship with humans, though vital for conservation, are known to be limited. Similarly, species of birds are excellent indicators of the changing environment due to various anthropogenic factors. Being beautiful game birds, pheasants in the wild are highly threatened by hunting. Therefore, BIOCOS-NEPAL helps to conserve these birds in the wild as well as encourages farming of these birds following the laws of the government of Nepal.  The Wildlife Research Program of BIOCOS-NEPAL is focused on research on various aspects of wildlife.