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Research Focus: Snow leopard, common leopard, musk deer, swamp francolin, cheer pheasant, bristled grass bird, and conservation education.

During my higher education, I was involved in wildlife research, especially in the mountains of Nepal. After my postgraduate (M.Sc.), I joined the National Trust for Nature Conservation in 2009 as a conservation officer and was posted to Mustang in Annapurna Conservation Area for the first time since then I have been working to conserve the natural resources of Nepal through community-based conservation action and research in the Himalayas. Working in the Himalayas is not an easy task. It is the toughest topography in the Himalayas. Before my Ph.D., I worked in the Annapurna Conservation Area for 6 years as a conservation officer, and during that time; I acquired field knowledge on the wildlife of the Himalayas and their habitat requirement. Moreover, I also conducted research on Musk deer, snow leopard, cheer pheasant, bristled grass bird and swamp francolin. Because of my strong field-based knowledge, I was able to discover Kashmir musk deer from Nepal and it is genetically validated for the first time. I conducted the first genetic-based taxonomy from southern parts of the Himalayas which clearly distinguished the distribution of Kashmir musk deer and Himalayan musk deer. I completed my Ph.D. from the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China. During my Ph.D., I published total 4 papers. In 2018, I was awarded 2018 Excellent International Student and in 2019 Excellent International Graduate. After my Ph.D., I recently completed a postdoc at the Institute of zoology, Guandong Academy of Sciences. During my stay in institute of zoology, my research focus was in musk deer, snow leopard and common leopard.